Recycling Crew Training

Behavioural change in residents is important to generate recyclate but this activity needs to be supported by recycling crews. The crews provide the link between the waste service and the residents and are a vital part of the communication process. The training that Business Eco provides include:

  • environmental training for the recycling crews

  • generating a feeling of job importance

  • an opportunity for crews to express their opinions on the service

  • an opportunity for crews to comment on how residents can be encouraged to recycle more.

Business Eco as an independent facilitator allows the crews to express opinions they would normally not say to management. Business Eco has delivered training to some of the highest and lowest performing areas of the country. In each case, opportunities to improve policy and procedure have been highlighted and a better understanding of the issues on the ground is gained by the recycling team. The crews learn about the environmental impacts of their role and the importance of an effective collection. The crews are then empowered to inform residents about the service. In all workshops, the results of the evaluation has been that crews find the training will help them to improve recycling and make their job easier because they are better informed and their views have been heard.